Seventy turbines needed to match this one well

Dear Editor:
Thanks for publishing my letter and fitting it all in (see the November 18 SJR). I’ve received a few ‘positive’ comments so far, but also asking for how I got my numbers, so I have provided a Table showing how I derived my numbers.
If you have room, I’m re-submitting this photo of an oil and gas well I was well site geologist on that was drilled October, 2014 and was completed as a producer. Plans were to drill several more ‘offsets’ this year, but pricing fell through the floor and wells will be delayed (this happens when not being subsidized, but using your own capital for investment).
I am guessing it would require somewhere upwards of 70 or more wind turbines like those in Monticello to equal the energy/power output from this single well. The well is in San Juan County, Utah on BLM lease; view to north with La Sal Mountains in background.
Gene Stevenson
Bluff, UT

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