<i>SJR</i> closes Blanding office

by Bill Boyle
After a lot of consideration, we have made the decision to close our office in Blanding.
Kathryn Wilcox and Tracy Nelson both did a great job at the office at 60 North Main Street, but the realities of bookstores and newspaper offices are that there simply isn’t enough traffic to support a stand-alone office.
We aim to provide top-notch service to our customers throughout the county. We will retain our Blanding phone number at 678-9991 and will do all in our power to provide timely delivery to our customers in Blanding.
• • • • •
I was able to ride the Elevated Transit bus from the Wasatch Front to San Juan County. The daily bus service is well named, as riders sit high above the traffic in beautiful and comfortable buses.
I enjoyed simply looking out the window when I wasn’t using the satellite TV and Wi-Fi service.
We get lots of calls at the office asking about the service and hope to convince the fledgling bus company that they need to advertise their services in the San Juan Record.
Whether you can find them or not, they provide great service.
• • • • •
Joe Pachak and JR Lancaster are at it again, creating a whimsical (and flammable) Pleistocene sculpture for the Bluff Arts Festival. Follow their progress at http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/images/slc/camera/loopCams.php?camName=b.l.u.f.f&numFrames=30
• • • • •
Five local men charged with federal misdemeanor charges for the Recapture Canyon protest had a court hearing in Salt Lake City. See our page 1 story.
It does raise eyebrows to schedule a two-day trial on December 22. I’m sure someone is saying, “Ho ho ho!”

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