All-state football honors for members of the San Juan Broncos

The Deseret News and Vinco Athletics both released their All-State Utah high school football teams on December 18. The Deseret News chooses players based on coaches’ votes. Vinco Athletics chooses their honorees by compiling coach nominations.

Here are the players from San Juan High School who were honored in 2019:


Deseret News 3A First Team

Vinco Athletics 3A First Team

Shaw Nielson

San Juan Senior Quarterback – 3,207 Passing Yards, 523 Rushing Yards, 39 Total Touchdowns

Head Coach Barkley Christensen: “Shaw was a great leader who broke school records for touchdown passes and yards in a season. He brought leadership and a desire to win every week. He led by example and brought a competitive spirit day in and day out.

“Our offense is pretty complex for our quarterback. Shaw had so many different reads every play and he took it and excelled all season. I’m hoping we will get to watch him at the next level next year.”


Deseret News 3A First Team

Vinco Athletics 3A First Team

Kian Conway

San Juan Senior Running Back – 1,500 Yards, 22 Touchdowns

Barkley Christensen: “Kian is the complete example of hard work in the off season. He put in the work and ended with a great season. We could count on him when we needed something big to happen.

“His size and speed combination was tough for any team to stop. It’s not every year you get a 205-pound running back who runs a 4.5 40-yard dash.”


Vinco Athletics 3A First Team

Deseret News 3A Second Team

Josh Whitehorse

San Juan Senior Offensive Lineman – 6 Pancake Blocks

Barkley Christensen: “Josh’s love for the game was what made him so great. He was always looking for ways to improve to help his team. Whenever we needed a big play, we were going to run to Josh’s side.

“He would motivate the guys in a competitive way and was always challenging players in practice to make him and everyone around him better. 

“It takes a special individual to play offensive line and that is what Josh was – a very special player.”


Vinco Athletics 3A First Team

Deseret News 3A Second Team

Ryan Imlay

San Juan Senior Defensive End – 78 Tackles, 22 Tackles for Loss, 12 Sacks, 37 Hurries, 2 Fumble Recoveries, 1 Interception, 1 Blocked Punt

Barkley Christensen: “Ryan was a contributor for us since he was a sophomore and he never looked back. He was a consistent team player on both sides of the ball, getting sacks and catching touchdowns.

“He is a natural born leader who always stayed positive with teammates and coaches. If you need a laugh or need to relax, you need or have a conversation with Ryan. 

“He kept things light, but opposing teams’ Quarterbacks feared him. He is a very special player who loved the game and was a great leader others could look to.”


Deseret News 3A Second Team

Vinco Athletics 3A Second Team

Porter Ivins

San Juan Senior Wide Receiver – 78 Receptions, 805 Yards, 6 Touchdowns

Barkley Christensen: “There will never be another player like Porter Ivins. He has the heart of a warrior and he was somebody the whole team could count on when we needed him. He was a fierce competitor who brought his best every snap.

“Play-calling is hard on third down and long, but not when you have a receiver who will go up and make plays like Porter did for us all season. I will miss him a lot!”


Deseret News 3A Second Team

Vinco Athletics 3A Second Team

Randall Flavel

San Juan Senior Tight End – 73 Receptions, 937 Yards, 9 Touchdowns

Barkley Christensen: “Randall is the most athletic kid I have ever coached. His size and athleticism helped him be a huge target for us through the air. He can block, catch, run, tackle, and cover; he is the complete package.

“He moved from the offensive line to a slot for us this year and that is the best decision we have ever made. He would have at least two big plays a game and I don’t think I will ever see a stiff arm like he had again. Randy has gained a lot of college interest, so hopefully we can watch that stiff arm on Saturdays.”


Deseret News 3A Second Team

Vinco Athletics 3A Third Team

Isaac Jacobs

San Juan Senior Defensive Lineman – 30 Tackles, 8 Tackles for Loss, 3 Sacks, 3 Hurries, 2 Fumble Recoveries

Barkley Christensen: “Isaac is a quiet kid who has always led by example. He earned his first varsity start as a sophomore by giving it 110 percent in practice every practice. 

“When those shoulder pads and helmet went on, he transformed into a hitting machine that knew nothing less then 110 percent. 

“Football is Isaac’s life and every time he got the opportunity to play he never let himself or his teammates down.”


Deseret News 3A Honorable Mention

Ladd Ivins

San Juan Sophomore Cornerback – 70 Tackles, 5 Interceptions, 104 Interception Yards, 2 Fumble Recoveries

Barkley Christensen: “Ladd is our only sophomore who earned All-State honors. Ladd creates his own luck by always working hard and being so football smart. He would always position himself to break on a ball and make tackles.

“He was tied for first in interceptions and that’s again, because of his smarts. Ladd is a very coachable kid all the seniors on the field trusted 100 percent and he never let them down. I was proud of his efforts this season.

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