Football All-State Honors - Monticello

Monticello Senior OL/DL
24 Tackles, 1 Sack, 1 Rushing Touchdown
Head Coach Reed Anderson: “Nic has come a long way since first playing football as a freshman. He learned to use his size to his advantage and help the team. He even became a vocal leader later in the year. That’s out of his comfort zone but the team thrived on it. When Nic was loud he boosted everyone on the field.
“As a nose guard he was tough to move and it forced teams to move to the edge where we had speed. No running back or quarterback liked to be hit by Nic. They would actively avoid his running lanes for fear of what he could do to them. As an offensive lineman his quick feet coupled with his size allowed him to get downfield and make blocks on safeties and linebackers that turned first downs into TDs.”

Monticello Senior OL/DL
24 Tackles, 3 Sacks, 2 Fumbles Caused
Head Coach Reed Anderson: “Donny has a calm, focused demeanor that he brought to the team each day. It gets rough and mean down in the trenches and Donny always emerged smiling. This calm confidence helped our line play as one and work with each other. When plays weren’t going our way he wouldn’t get flustered; he would get everyone on the same page and work to get it right.
“Donny understood the importance of the offensive line unit playing together and helping each other out. As a defensive end he caused havoc with his size and opposing teams’ inability to move him off the line of scrimmage. He played his role on offense and defense with the tenacity to do his job for the team.”

Monticello Senior WR/DB
680 Yds Rec, 12 TD, 222 Yds Rush, 3 TD
50 Points, 75 Tackles, 4 Int, 2 Fum Rec
Head Coach Reed Anderson: “Easton was a very explosive playmaker for us. He was always around the ball and you never knew what could happen. He scored from all positions on the field: receiving, rushing, punt returns, kick returns, and interception returns. He threw two-point conversions, ran them, and was the holder for PATs.
“Easton was one of the best examples on our team of showing up each day and working hard. He went a million miles an hour all practice and every game. He ran and hit hard. Opposing coaches spent hours trying to figure out how to defend him on offense and how to beat him on defense. None of them ever solved the problems he presented.”

Monticello Senior RB/LB
687 Yds Rush, 11 TD, 173 Yds Rec, 1 TD
119 Tackles, 2 Sacks, 2 Fumble Recoveries
Head Coach Reed Anderson: “Javlin ‘Jav-Jav’ Robison was coming into his senior year having already started his sophomore and junior seasons. We counted on him to be one of our strengths all year, especially early on when we knew we would have growing pains. He delivered. He is a very instinctual player and Coach Snyder implemented a system that allowed Jav’s strengths to thrive. 
“Jav took advantage of the new system and was all over the field. About halfway through the season teams keyed on him very heavily defensively and it allowed the other players on the field to be free of blockers. He was an every-down back for us. He can run, catch, block, and even throw. He understood the line calls so he could adjust with them on the field. It’s very rare for a running back to have those abilities.”

Monticello Junior Quarterback
1,360 Yds Pass, 21 TD, 385 Yds Rush, 6 TD,
31 Tackles, 3 Interceptions
Head Coach Reed Anderson: “JD ‘Jaymac’ McDonald was solid all year for us. He started the year as a junior with lots of experience after having to step in for an injured Devin Hatch for most of the season last year. That helped us early on when he was able to make plays with his athleticism and make the adjustments necessary for 8-player football.
“Not having the learning curve allowed him to feel much more comfortable in the system and make plays, whether it was the second or third read or the best hole to scramble to. As the year progressed we called more and more plays for him to use his best judgement and give us the chalk last and the advantage. Offense wasn’t his only strong position. He was also solid on defense, tying the team lead for pick-sixes this year.”

Monticello Senior WR/DB
426 Yards Receiving, 8 Touchdowns
41 Tackles, 3 Interceptions, 1 Fumble Caused
Head Coach Reed Anderson: “Landon ‘Lando’ Ewart is a player that every program needs. He showed up every day on time, ready to go, for four years. Each year he was called upon to fulfill major roles and he always came through, regardless of how uncomfortable it made him. As a sophomore he filled in and started varsity most of the year. He was a big target and never shied away.
“As a junior he was a major focal point of the offense and allowed his fellow receivers and quarterback to receive less pressure. As a senior he really stepped up defensively which wasn’t in his comfort zone to start the year but he learned to love it. He had numerous interceptions and big hits – none bigger than his interception in the semifinals to set up the game-winning drive.  He is a big-time player and his absence will be felt not just from his skills on the field.”

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