Thomas Wright

I’m running for Governor to get Utah working again. Utah needs someone that has weathered this storm before, and I have. I was a brand-new business owner during the Great Recession. Times were tough, but the conservative and traditional values of hard work, perseverance and living within your means paid off. I was able to make decisions that kept my employees working and helped them grow. My parents taught me the value of hard work, gratitude, faith and most importantly, helping others, which is why I want to put my skills to work. I have the business experience to support Utah’s businesses, manage the budget, and make cuts to spending. I’m the only candidate that also has a plan to make sure that our education system isn’t left behind during this pandemic. Our teachers need our support and we need to get government out of their way and out of the classroom. I’m also the only one in this race to propose suspending the food tax to provide taxpayers immediate relief, and I’m the only one in this race who isn’t a professional politician. We’re going to need my real-world business experience. My running mate, Rob Bishop, has a history of fighting for rural Utah, the second amendment, lower taxes, and education and winning. He taught school for 28 years, was elected to the State Legislature for 16 years (serving as a Speaker of the House), served two terms as Chairman of the Utah Republican Party, and has been working as a Congressman in Washington, D.C. since 2003. Don’t hold that last bit against him. He’s worked with President Trump to enhance state power, reduce federal encroachment, lower taxes, fight for the pro-life cause, only support the leanest budgets and always (ALWAYS!) defend our Second Amendment rights. Rob Bishop has always fought for and put Utah first. It was Congressman Bishop and Senator Hatch who convinced President Trump to change the Bears Ears declaration, then it was Bishop who wrote the legislation to codify that change. Rob Bishop knows our election system has been broken for six long years, and as Lt. Governor, he’ll fix it by making it more efficient and more transparent. For too long, we have forgotten the Utahns that live off the Wasatch Front. A Wright Bishop Administration will work to make sure that we provide more than lip service to rural Utah by strengthening their infrastructure and offering our support. Finally, we’ll both work to protect Hill Air Force base and our veterans. Both have been integral to the safety of our state and nation, and should be treated as a priority, not an afterthought. This election is about your family and mine, supporting our teachers and students, and jumpstarting our economy. It’s about Utah, and we’re the Wright team for Utah.

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