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Tied to the Postby Steve & Barry Simpson One of the images that indelibly etched itself into my mind over the past 20 years is that of an old Woodie station wagon parked alongside a dirt back road leading to Shiprock, NM. The doors of the vehicle are flung open and the passenger...
A contingent of high-ranking officials from the federal government will visit San Juan County this week on a fact-finding tour to investigate public land proposals, including the proposed Bears Ears National Monument and the Utah Public Lands Initiative (PLI). During a three-day stay,...
DUST IN THE WINDby Bill Boyle Expect a full-blown circus in Bluff on Saturday as a high-level contingent of federal officials host a public hearing about public lands issues. The meeting is scheduled to be held in the Bluff Community Center, which has a maximum capacity of several...
TIED TO THE POSTby Steve & Barry Simpson It was a late May afternoon at Twin Rocks Trading Post, and I was sitting in my office trying not to nod off. The last time I fell asleep at my desk the resulting crash raised a bump on my forehead and Barry and Priscilla unkindly referred to...


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