Monticello city sets secondary water rate, free landfill visit in May

by David Boyle
News Director
Monticello City Council members set the secondary water rate, and set up a free dump for residents at the city landfill as part of the latest meeting.
Members of the Monticello City Council received a report on water including the city staff recommendation to set the conservation rate for secondary water usage at the April 9 meeting.
Monticello runs a four-tier system allowing the town to charge different rates for secondary water, depending on drought conditions. The different tiers are designed to encourage conservation during times of drought.
After another good winter, the city of Monticello is in the tier-one conservation rate. While the city council selected the data-backed staff-recommended green color-coded tier-one rate, Monticello city does encourage conservation of water.
Council also received word that the secondary water system would be charged on April 15. 
Public Works Director Nathan Langston shared the report, it was also shared that Langston will be resigning from his position effective April 30. City Manager Kaeden Kulow said the departure may lead to restructuring of the Public Works department, and that Langston has agreed to help the city in the transition. Kulow shared his thanks and that the city is sad to see him go.
Members of the Monticello City Council also discussed a free dump day at the city landfill, approving a one load dump for city accounts upcoming in May.
Kulow reported information from last year’s event which saw 107 visits from 735 eligible accounts between May 15 and June 14. The event was held later in 2023 due to the late winter snow.
Of those 107 visits in 2023, 61 accounts visited once, while 23 accounts had two visits. 642 cubic yards of waste was collected, with an estimated transfer cost of a little more than $2,000 for the event.
Members of the council had a discussion about the costs of the event. Kulow clarified that while the city landfill operates at a small loss, the rest of sanitation including the garbage route make up for any losses.
“Overall the landfill and garbage route combined come out to a net positive every year. It’s constantly producing money it needs to run itself, and puts towards a new garbage truck.”
Still some members of the council hoped to close that gap. As a result the city council approved one free dump for city residents, rather than the two free dumps that have been done previously. In addition the city will allow the free dumps for accounts that were active as of April 9, with an exception for new move-in and home purchases with proof.
Monticello City Council met twice last week, with a second meeting occurring on April 12. The special meeting was to revoke the Monticello City business license of Sage Stay. a company operating a short-term rental in the city. The action followed the state of Utah which revoked the license after failing to pay sales tax and transient room tax on the business. The state began attempting to contact the party in April of 2023, and never did hear from the business before ultimately revoking the license in January 2024. City Recorder Melissa Gill The company then applied for a Monticello business license in March 2024 which was approved. Afterward the state made the city aware of the issue. At a public hearing members of the council unanimously approved the revocation of the license.

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