James Patrick Keogh October 20, 1952 ~ June 21, 2023

Funeral services for James Patrick Keough begin at 10 a.m. on Saturday, July 8 at the Community Church in Moab.
My Dear Sweet Jim,
I am missing you. I cannot believe you are gone. I did not get to say, Goodbye. We married, we divorced, we honored our wedding vows and always we loved.
You are a compassionate man. You have loved me, my children, my grandchildren, my dog, my relatives, my friends, our friends. You loved Rebakah and Fox and Will, always thinking ahead to their security.
You loved and honored your Keogh family.
Every time you looked at my lot you checked to see if it reclaimed and if it was draining properly. This summer you learned a new word, and embraced it! REWILDING!
I am so glad you did not have to retire from the work you loved.
You loved the Lord.
I am very proud of you. You are a rare and wonderful man.
Godspeed, My Sweet Jim,

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