Wispy clouds lazily shrouding the buttes of Monument Valley.  Cherissa Dance photo  
In the aftermath of last January’s tragic avalanche fatality in the La Sal Mountains near Moab, the State of Utah declared the first week of each December as Avalanche Awareness Week. Utah state Congressman Phil Lyman (R, San Juan County) and state senator Kirk Cullimore (R, Salt Lake County,...
The Blue Mountains wear a necklace of clouds on a wintery November day.  Kay Shumway photo  
The Gunnison sage grouse, an endangered species with a very small population in San Juan County, is the focus of a draft recovery plan recently released by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The federal agency is asking for public comments on the conservation actions necessary to stop population...
It was early, pre-dawn as I trudged across what remained of the old alfalfa field toward the deer stand in the cottonwood tree along Spring Creek.  The morning was frosty, caused by air currents rolling over and down the flanks of Blue Mountain to the west.  The bitter draft kept finding its way...
A beautiful and chilly morning in San Juan County.  Skyler Madison photo  
by Terry Messmer Utah State University Extension wildlife specialist In recent weeks, reports of cougar sightings have increased across Utah. The cougar, Puma concolor, is known as the mountain lion, puma, screamer, or panther. They are readily recognized by their tawny color, white muzzle and long...
Search and Rescue volunteers have been busy recently, with two highly technical operations in San Juan County. On October 27, crews responded to Little Balley’s Road, where two hikers had fallen approximately 30 feet while descending into the canyon.  One hiker had a head wound and the other...


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